It's Time For You To Have a Baby Ape In Your NFT Collection

Public Sale

Date: 2 Mar

Price: 0.1 ETH


Date: 1 Mar

Price: 0.05 ETH

How Do I Win ?

It is very simple, the more Baby Ape's you have,

 the more chances you have to win.

So adopt as much Baby Ape possible, 

the mint limit per wallet will be limited to 45 NFT,

instead the hold limit is limited to 500 NFT,

so stay connected and be ready 

as surprises will never end

What Is Baby Ape ?

Baby Ape is the cutest new NFT on the

web that will allow you to win fantastic prizes such as

a Lamborghini Huracan 2021 

(or 250k $ in ETH or SOL), 

or one of the two Corvette c8's 2021 

(or 120k $ in ETH or SOL)

or one of the 10 Super Rare Gold NFT and 

10k dollars in solana or eth   


Phase 1:


Phase 2:

🙉 Help and Get Paid for It 🙉

We Are thinking to make a Ancestry BANC collection that allows you to have a nft in advance and will help the project, all the money raised will be used for advertisement

What are the benefits of those who own a Ancestry BANC :

  1. Receive a free NFT at launch 🎁

  2. Will have a rare NFT 🔥

  3. Will have a Special Role on Discord 👾

  4. You will receive a piece of 10% of the earnings (10K per Ancestry NFT) 🤑

  5. All those who have Ancestry BANC will receive special whitelists in other projects 🤯

  6. Every week 30% of the secondary market will be divided among all those who have a Ancestry BANC 😎



Team Info

  • Lello

    Have been a crypto investor since 18 years old and he have been investing in crypto for 4 years now and have transformed a few thousand into a nice asset, He worked in a mining company for a few years before starting to invest full time

  • Kekkox

    He has a degree in computer engineering and good knowledge of coding but prefers to be in close contact with people, he is our discord manager and always gives us new ideas tu help grow ex former collaborator of Nando in one of the companies in which they worked

  • Nando

    Graduated in computer engineering and loves crypto, he has worked in several software developing companies with great success and engagement, has had past experience creating games and cryptocurrencies systems he speaks in code sometimes

  • 17b

    Our new artist we love his work and how he does it, each piece has been designed by him you can admire the duo work on Ancestry BANC he loves to take care of the details and has worked for 5 years in a graphic design company in france and italy